The Society of Pelvic Surgeons

The Society of Pelvic Surgeons

The Society of Pelvic Surgeons The Society of Pelvic Surgeons

Background & Objectives

Pelvic surgery is multidisciplinary with significant surgical and scientific advances in each discipline every year. There is a continuing need to educate and inform all surgeons in the separate fields of gynaecology, urology and colorectal surgery of developments in order to improve treatment and diagnosis as well as research in order to understand options and alternative possible approaches to management.

The annual meeting brings together members of all three major disciplines in pelvic surgery from around the world. Scientific presentations are sought from guest speakers who may wish to join and be considered for membership of the society. Spouses and partners are highly welcomed to attend to add to the international ambience and enjoyment of the meetings.

Meetings are held usually in the autumn or fall every year. Once every 4 or 5 years meetings are held out of the United States. Membership is encouraged from all 3 disciplines equally.

Propsed members my be elected after attending at least one meeting and contributing scientifically. A proposer and a number of supporters are required for nominations to be submitted to the memebership committee for consideration.

The active membership consists of members from the United States of America and internationally from Europe, Australasia and Canada.

On retirement from active practice members assume an emeritus senior position. They are fully encouraged to continue attending and contributing to the society. This provides an invaluable continuity both historically and scientifically.